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CHEMTREC Introduces Regional Offices, Develops New Services, and Expands Global Footprint

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December 17, 2020

CHEMTREC Introduces Regional Offices, Develops New Services, and Expands Global Footprint

CHEMTREC is proud to have served the chemical industry and emergency response community for 50+ years. Created for the industry, by the industry, CHEMTREC’s commitment to helping companies with compliance and making the world a safer place runs deep.

The CHEMTREC Difference

CHEMTREC is the trusted service provider for over 80 percent of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, but what makes us different than other emergency response providers? The answer is simple – we continually strive for excellence and invest in our people and our technology, to better serve our customers and the industry:

  • CHEMTREC assists thousands of companies in various sectors and throughout the supply chain worldwide
  • We help companies protect their brand and their reputation and minimize financial exposure
  • We strive for continuous improvement of our customers’ safety processes and protocols
  • We mitigate impact on health and the environment

CHEMTREC Opens New Regional Offices

Although CHEMTREC has always provided emergency response service throughout the world, we saw an increasing need from the industry to open physical offices in areas outside of the United States. In the past few years, we’ve established regional offices in the United Kingdom, Asia Pacific region, and Latin America. Not only do these new offices help us better serve our customers, they also assist us in dealing with complex challenges, be it chemical emergencies, supply chain risks, and ever-changing regulations, that are faced in these regions.

Europe: Rich Davey

We are pleased to introduce our newest member of the CHEMTREC team, Rich Davey, CHEMTREC’s EMEA Director. With 15 years’ experience working with both private and public sector clients who have complex risk and compliance challenges, Rich has been brought onboard to assist customers in crafting and implementing policies, investments, and regulatory compliance in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. His multi-national customers truly value Rich’s efforts to minimize operational risks and help with compliance whilst protecting their bottom line.

As CHEMTREC’s EMEA Director, he uses his proven track record in understanding clients’ requirements, building highly effective customer relationships, and translating complex regulatory and technical issues into meaningful business solutions and opportunities. Having worked with many multi-national businesses Rich has used his experience to develop international partner networks around the world. Interesting fact – whilst working at a prestigious South African game reserve during a gap year, he had several close encounters with elephants, lions and black mamba…and survived to tell the tale!

Asia Pacific Region: YuXia Crispin

We are excited to introduce YuXia Crispin, our Asia Pacific representative. YuXia, born in China, is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. She has been an integral part of servicing CHEMTREC customers doing business in the Asia Pacific region. YuXia’s familiarity with Chinese culture and government agencies helps customers understand and comply with international hazardous materials regulations.

Moving dangerous goods into and around the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has become increasingly complex in recent years. CHEMTREC has initiated partnerships to support ACC member companies and other customers with business interests in the area, to effectively manage their chemical and compliance risks. This also serves to maintain CHEMTREC’s relationships with regional industry and government, allows pursuit of further regional partnerships, and creates new service resources and customer relationships.

China’s compliance requirements have been a concern for many of our customers due to the complexity of their chemical registration process and the stringent regulations that govern the shipping, manufacturing, and distribution of hazardous materials within the country. Over the past decade, CHEMTREC has established a collaborative relationship with China’s National Registration Center for Chemicals (NRCC) that has resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) along with joint efforts to assist with managing compliance issues and ensuring the safe handling and movement of hazardous chemicals in China. 

Through this combination of regional partners and our relationship with the NRCC, CHEMTREC can provide our customers with a streamlined and effective way to manage their shipping, manufacturing, and distribution needs in China as well as the wider APAC region. 

Latin America: Alberto Rossi

Alberto Rossi joined CHEMTREC in September of 2018 as the Director of Latin America. Alberto is responsible for all sales, marketing, business development and service improvement in Latin America. He has a Master of Business Administration degree, a Master of Science degree in Finance, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Alberto spent over three years at LGT, an investment management firm. At LGT, Alberto supported several companies in the health and environmental industries. Prior to that, Alberto spent five years at Bain & Co., one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, and served as key advisor to CEO and C-level executives on growth strategies, financial planning, M&A and JVs, operating model transformation and project management in industries such as oil & gas, chemical, logistics, Infrastructure and retail.

Beyond Emergency Response

Did you know that CHEMTREC provides other services besides emergency response? Along with growing our team and investing heavily in new technology, we’ve also developed a wide variety of services to help companies navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape:

  • Hazmat Training: If your company ships or handles hazardous materials/dangerous goods you are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation and other international agencies to obtain hazmat training. CHEMTREC can help your company stay safe and in compliance with our top-rated online training courses.
  • Battery Test Summary Compliance: Developed in-house to meet complex lithium battery test summary requirements, CHEMTREC offers CRITERION®, a document management system for lithium battery test summaries.
  • SDS Services: CHEMTREC’s SDS Direct service gives employees custom, organized access to your organization’s SDS, anytime and anywhere. Our SDS Direct offering currently includes Access, Distribution, and Indexing.
  • Regulatory Updates: CHEMTREC’s REGTREC solution is offered as a value add-on service with Global and Outside Zone emergency response registration. REGTREC provides a single source for up-to-date regulatory content on a broad range of topics including SDS, labels, product and substance registration, restrictions and bans and transportation.
  • NRCC Partnership: Companies that ship, produce, or sell hazardous chemicals in China must register these chemicals with the country’s Ministry of Emergency Management through the National Registration Center for Chemicals (NRCC). To make the process of maintaining multiple emergency response services easier, CHEMTREC can manage your organization’s NRCC registration.
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity:Launching in 2021, CHEMTREC’s crisis management team can help organizations create and maintain organizational resilience by reviewing and writing crisis plans and training, exercising and cementing best practices to support companies with business continuity that manages all supply chain risks when incidents occur.
  • Extended Service Protocols: CHEMTREC offers customized prevention, notification, and management services, including; Company-dedicated phone numbers, mass emergency broadcast services, custom voice mailboxes, security monitoring and alerts, non-emergency support calls, non-emergency SDS requests, and more.

CHEMTREC is proud to have served the hazardous materials and dangerous goods industry for the past 50 years. We are committed to helping maintain safety in the industry and assisting companies with ever-changing regulatory requirements. We look forward to the next 50 years… and beyond!

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