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Lithium Battery Test Summary Regulations

Comply with the latest lithium battery test summary regulations

Dangerous goods regulations now mandate that manufacturers and distributors of lithium cells and batteries make their test summary data available to anyone in their supply chain—this includes equipment powered by lithium cells and batteries. While the information isn’t required to be shipped with the batteries, it must be available to anyone in the supply chain who requests it.


Manage test summaries with CHEMTREC

To ease the burden of complying with this complex regulation, CHEMTREC offers CRITERION®, a document management system for lithium battery test summaries. CRITERION provides a central source to maintain lithium battery test summary reports and make them available upon receiving a proper request. It can also be customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

Key features and benefits:
  • Log in to your company test summary library where you can view, upload, or download relevant documents.
  • Delegate CHEMTREC to source test summary documents that are not yet in your library.
  • Use CHEMTREC as a third-party provider to respond to test summary requests.
  • Create an external link for your company website or intranet that connects directly to your test summaries.
  • Limit access based on customer specifications and security requirements.

Learn More About CRITERION

Check out our fact sheet for more details on CHEMTREC's lithium battery test summary service.

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