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Incident Reporting

Identify trends, target solutions, and reduce risk, as well as track patterns, analyze incidents, and more with Incident Reporting from CHEMTREC.

Benefits of CHEMTREC's Incident Reporting

Our emergency response call center team specializes in collecting precise details to create comprehensive and consistent incident reports. These reports empower companies to identify trends, pinpoint solutions, and mitigate and analyze incidents effectively.

As a registered entity with PHMSA, CHEMTREC is authorized to submit 5800.1 reports on behalf of your company. CHEMTREC offers additional assistance by reviewing all incidents and determining if further reporting is necessary based on Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR Parts 171-180).

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Our Incident Reporting Services

file-text Hazmat Safety Priorities for Carriers

Organizations involved in the transportation of goods, whether they are hazardous or not, use hazardous materials or dangerous goods in the operation/maintenance of their vehicles and are responsible for complying with various regulations surrounding the safe use and handing of chemicals and other hazmat, training of their staff and, incident preparedness, response, and recovery. CHEMTREC can help!

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Consulting Solutions

CHEMTREC's Consulting Solutions helps organizations anticipate, prevent, and contain incidents at the earliest opportunity.

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Emergency Response

No matter where or when an incident occurs, you can rely on CHEMTREC and our hazmat emergency response services. Our Emergency Services Specialists are quick and efficient – we can help reduce your company's liability and exposure, and potentially even save lives.

Emergency Response

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