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Hazmat Emergency Response Services

Accidents happen. How you respond to those emergencies makes all the difference.


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Chemical handling is a delicate and important part of your business. Carrying out proper safety measures, managing material safety data sheets and taking hazmat education courses are a great start, but you can’t plan for everything.

When a chemical emergency occurs, you want the world’s leading chemical emergency experts at your fingertips. Our Emergency Service Specialists (ESS) know-how nearly all types of hazmat incidents and chemical spills. No matter where or when the incident occurs, you can rely on CHEMTREC and our emergency response services. Within minutes, you will be linked to the largest network of chemical and hazardous material experts in the world. CHEMTREC’s chemical response team is quick and efficient – we’ll help reduce your liability and exposure, and potentially even save lives.

That’s why you need our team on your side. Our emergency response specialists will walk you through each step, from cleanup to proper documentation. Our 24/7 emergency incident call center is the resource you need for immediate emergency response services. If your company transports chemicals or hazardous materials, CHEMTREC is your emergency response solution.


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Limit your liability during an emergency and protect your company.

An emergency telephone number on your hazardous materials shipping labels is just the first step. To protect yourself in the event of a hazmat incident, such as a chemical spill, you also need a chemical emergency response service in place. That’s where we come in, and we are proud to be the leading emergency response call center. When you register with CHEMTREC, you gain access to an extensive array of services. 24 hour call center support from toxicology and medical specialists, language interpretation services and chemical industry professionals help your company through the process of emergency response to chemical spills. Working together with our Emergency Service Specialists and emergency first responders, we’ll help mitigate incidents involving dangerous goods and maintain clear communication during critical phases of emergency situations and hazmat emergency response.

Chemical shipping regulations and compliance.

The shipping of lithium batteries and hazardous materials is where the benefits of a CHEMTREC really show. The U.S. Department of Transportation, along with transportation authorities in most other countries, require all shippers of hazardous materials to include a 24-hour emergency phone number on all hazardous material shipping papers (49 CFR § 172.604). By registering with CHEMTREC, you will receive access to our emergency phone number and 24/7 call center support for hazardous material shipments. The penalties for non-compliance, along with the cost of a single hazmat incident, can far exceed the cost of one full year of CHEMTREC registration.

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Download Our Global Regulatory Requirements for Emergency Response Telephone Numbers Guide

CHEMTREC has partnered with international regulatory experts, Denehurst Chemical Safety, to create an indispensable guide to help companies, like yours, being compliant and prevent, manage, and minimize the impact of incidents around the world.  

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