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Incident Report Distribution

Partner With CHEMTREC for Incident Report Distribution

To help you maintain written records of incident details for analysis and internal auditing purposes and more easily fulfill regulatory reporting requirements like DOT form 5800.1, CHEMTREC offers Incident Report Distribution for carriers. 


Designated Recipients

With this service, anyone in your organization that is designated as a report recipient will receive detailed reports of all incidents reported to CHEMTREC that involve you as a carrier.  


Tier Levels

The Incident Report Distribution service is available in different tier levels based on the incident volume of your organization. 

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Benefits of Incident Reporting Distribution


Stay informed of all incidents reported to CHEMTREC in which you are involved.


Receive details of all reported incidents in a consistent format.


Quickly notify clients of possible delays in shipments.


Maintain a written record of incident details for future analysis and internal auditing purposes.


Identify training opportunities for your staff to support continuous improvement.

file-text Incident Report Distribution Fact Sheet

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