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Emergency Response Information Provider

24-Hour Emergency Response Phone Number

Hazardous materials and dangerous goods need to be handled and transported properly and carefully to help protect life, health, property, the environment, and reputation. Our 24/7 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) offers several levels of incident response, 24/7 support, and an extensive set of emergency response capabilities.


Reliable Service

It is important to have a chemical emergency response service in place. CHEMTREC is the 24/7 call center response service that will guide you through any chemical emergency. Our Emergency Service Specialists can walk you through every step, from handling and clean up to filing paperwork.


Preparation and Recovery

By choosing CHEMTREC as your emergency response partner, your business is better prepared for disaster recovery. Our 24-hour call center is available for both your supply chain partners and customers, providing a valuable tool for anyone who will be handling or transporting your products. A CHEMTREC chemical emergency response service subscription streamlines safety processes and protocols effortlessly.


Worldwide Support

Our 24/7 hazmat call center will support you and your company with an extensive set of incident response capabilities. This includes a worldwide network of responders, interpretation for more than 240 languages, and other resources—to quickly help mitigate incidents involving hazardous materials and dangerous goods anywhere in the world, at any time.

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Why Register with CHEMTREC?


Protect your brand and company reputation


Provide critical support for supply chain partners and customers


Plan for disaster recovery and business continuity


Minimize your financial exposure


Continuous improvement of your safety process and protocols


Mitigate impact on health and environment

What coverage is right for me?

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Based on your selections, we suggest Global Coverage

CHEMTREC’s coverage is determined by regional zones. Your points of origin fall within multiple zones, and your shipping destinations fall within multiple zones. Below are the zones that we recommend based off of your shipping selection.

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