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Exclusive Approved Hazmat Label Supplier for Shippers

Are your hazardous material shipping labels meeting the requirements?

Ensuring your product gets where it needs to be safely is a major component of your business. Extra care and legal requirements have to be taken into consideration when shipping hazardous and dangerous materials.

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Importance of Hazardous Materials Shipping Labels

By using hazardous materials labels, it is easy to identify what is inside the package. Clear markings from proper hazardous material labels make the storage, handling, and transportation of all hazmat materials simple.

Correct hazmat markings may include a proper shipping name, identification number, technical name, special permit packaging, environmental handling, consignment information, and marine pollutants. In the event of an accident, exposure or chemical spill, the quick identification of hazardous materials is essential to emergency response. Proper handling, cleanup and documentation are easier when there are no guessing games.

Hazardous Materials Shipping Labels

Changes to Rules and Regulations

49 CFR 172.406 states labels must be printed on or affixed to a surface (other than the bottom) of the package or containment device containing the hazardous material and be located on the same surface of the package and near the proper shipping name marking, if the package dimensions are adequate.

CHEMTREC’s exclusive approved label supplier, Labelmaster, takes the guesswork out of hazardous materials shipping labels and stays up to date with the latest changes in rules and regulations.

Shipping Regulations

Saving You Time and Money

Our exclusive partnership with Labelmaster makes it easy to get exactly the right hazmat labels for your shipping supplies and products. If you are registered with CHEMTREC you can only purchase CHEMTREC labels through our exclusive approved label supplier, Labelmaster. Labelmaster helps save your company money and time by helping you get the correct labels for your hazmat shipments.

Lithium Battery Shipping

Smaller Lithium Battery Marks May Be Used as of 1/1/2021

CHEMTREC customers can now use the smaller 100mm x 100mm or 100mm x 70mm lithium battery labels. This saves money on the price of the label and also allows the use of smaller packages which can reduce packaging and freight costs. The existing sizes of lithium battery marks will remain compliant in 2021 and beyond.

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About Our Exclusive Partnership with Labelmaster

Labelmaster’s comprehensive offering of industry-leading products helps CHEMTREC customers remain compliant with all dangerous goods regulations. For more than five decades, Labelmaster has been the go-to source for companies — big and small — to navigate and comply with the complex, ever-changing regulations.

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Coverage Levels







CHEMTREC offers three levels of coverage based on the regional zones of your shipment origins and destinations. Give us a few details about your shipping practices and we’ll guide you to the right level of CHEMTREC protection.

Coverage Levels

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