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Emergency Responders

Hazmat Response Resources for Emergency Responders

CHEMTREC is the leading source of support and information during hazmat incidents. For more than 50 years, our engagement with emergency responders around the world has been the engine that drives our success.


Quick access to the largest network that connects you with everyone involved—manufacturers, shippers, carriers, and government agencies.


We’re equipped to handle any situation and any class of hazardous material.


Toxicology and medical specialists available to aid in hazmat health and safety

Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)

PHMSA's ERG is intended for use by first responders during the initial phase of a transportation incident involving hazardous materials.

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By walking through the motions of an actual chemical emergency response, responders will have a better understanding of how CHEMTREC assists in these situations, as well as what services we offer.

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CHEMTREC Materials

CHEMTREC Materials

CHEMTREC provides emergency responders with the information they need to manage hazmat incidents safely and efficiently. CHEMTREC offers first responder organizations keychains, CHEMTREC information sheets, and stickers so that they always have our contact information readily available.

HELP Award


The CHEMTREC HELP Awards are intended to help volunteer fire departments enhance their response capabilities and increase local preparedness to respond to and prepare for hazardous materials incidents.

CHEMTREC Awards & Scholarships

CHEMTREC is proud of our commitment to support emergency responders. We recognize that the first responder community is critical to hazmat response and on an annual basis we offer multiple awards and scholarships.


The HELP Awards are intended to help the fire departments enhance their response capabilities and increase local preparedness.


CHEMTREC offers scholarship opportunities to attend hazmat conferences to support knowledge sharing, networking with peers, and expand access to continuing hazmat education.


CHEMTREC is delighted to offer multiple awards and scholarship opportunities on an annual basis. These awards and scholarships represent our appreciation of volunteer firefighters and hazmat responders and will continue to be an ongoing reminder of our commitment to them for years to come.

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