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Shipping Lithium Batteries

24/7 Emergency Response Number

Laptops, cell phones, watches, and cameras - everyone you know has one of these and probably takes it everywhere with them, without thinking twice. But here’s the catch: when lithium-ion batteries overheat, it may spark fires, explosions, or leaks. External heat sources can trigger thermal runaway, posing safety concerns. Consequently, lithium batteries are considered hazardous materials mandating adherence to domestic and international regulations. Is your company aligned with the evolving regulations for shipping lithium batteries? Non-compliance risks penalties and fines that could amount to thousands of dollars per violation.

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Emergency contact number(s) for SDS, shipping documents and lithium battery handling labels


24/7 support by trained Emergency Service Specialists


Compliance with global regulations


Immediate incident notification


Instant access to medical professionals


Unlimited SDS storage

Exclusive Label Supplier

Subscribing to our emergency response shipping service grants access to our exclusive label partner, LabelMaster, offering the appropriate handling marks and labels for shipments containing lithium batteries.


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Emergency Response

No matter where or when an incident occurs, you can rely on CHEMTREC and our hazmat emergency response services. Our Emergency Services Specialists (ESS) are quick and efficient – we can help reduce your company's liability and exposure, and potentially even save lives.

Emergency Response

Safety Data Sheet Solutions

Regardless of your industry, having up-to-date and readily available safety data sheets (SDS) is an important way to strengthen your organization’s emergency preparedness. CHEMTREC makes it easier than ever to keep your SDSs current and accessible at a moment’s notice.

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