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Emergency Response

Benefits of CHEMTREC’s Emergency Response Services

No matter where or when an incident occurs, you can rely on CHEMTREC and our hazmat emergency response services. Our emergency response operations center team, also known as our Emergency Services Specialists, is quick and efficient — we’ll help reduce your liability and exposure, and potentially even save lives.


A 24-hour emergency operations center to guide you through hazmat incidents and emergencies


Quick access to the largest network of hazardous materials and chemical professionals


Toxicology and medical specialists available to aid in hazmat health and safety


Language interpretation services that make communicating simple

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What Emergency Response Coverage is Right for Me?

Coverage Levels







CHEMTREC offers three levels of coverage based on the regional zones of your shipment origins and destinations. Give us a few details about your shipping practices and we’ll guide you to the right level of CHEMTREC protection.

Coverage Levels

Our Custom Emergency Response Services


Disposition Program

Provide callers with pre-approved instructions for handling and disposing of leaking or damaged containers and be notified by fax and/or email.


Incident Logging Services

Provide callers with pre-approved instructions for handling and disposing of leaking or damaged containers and be notified by fax and/or email.


Non-Emergency Technical Response Protocol

Get access to a 24-hour technical response center that provides callers with answers to specific product-related questions.


Non-Emergency Call Management Services

Handle calls including minor incidents, customer service calls, and general inquiry calls with our 24-hour response center.


Emergency Communication Services

Manage your company’s crisis communications with CHEMTREC. Our communication services include:

  • Company-dedicated telephone number(s)
  • Custom voice mailboxes for updating teams during an emergency
  • Mass emergency broadcast services to voice, email, and pagers
  • Non-emergency SDS requests
  • Non-emergency support calls
  • Security issues

Looking for the Emergency Response Phone Number?

To be able to list CHEMTREC as your emergency response phone number, you’ll need to be registered with CHEMTREC and know your unique CHEMTREC Customer Number (CCN). You can find it in the upper right-hand corner of your CHEMTREC invoice and in your welcome email. The number will be preceded by the letters “CCN” when used on shipping documents (example: CCN123456). 

Don’t have a copy of your invoice? Please have your company’s designated primary contact reach out to our Customer Service team at or 1-800-262-8200 to obtain your CCN.

Trying to Submit Your Safety Data Sheets to CHEMTREC?

For our Emergency Response Information Provider customers, there are several ways to provide information on the products you ship and/or manufacture, submit your SDS through the link below.

Submit Your SDS to CHEMTREC

Related CHEMTREC Services

Hazmat Training

CHEMTREC can help your company stay safe and in compliance with our online hazmat training courses. Self-paced, interactive, and comprehensive courses make it easier than ever to stay up-to-date on your required training.

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