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NRCC Emergency Response Service in China

Register for emergency response services when shipping in China

It is mandatory under Chinese regulations to display a 24-hour emergency telephone number on Safety Data Sheets and labels for hazardous products placed on the market within mainland China. 

Order 53 from the Chinese State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) requires importers and domestic manufacturers to register hazardous products with NRCC for emergency response purposes, as stated in Article 5-6, Chapter 2, and Article 22, Chapter 4. 

CHEMTREC can help facilitate companies’ registration for the NRCC Emergency Response Telephone Number Service.

CHEMTREC's partnership with NRCC offers:

  • One contract: Registration for both NRCC and CHEMTREC services directly through CHEMTREC.
  • Comprehensive compliance: Assist with hazardous chemicals registration, SDS and label production, and GHS classification reports.

  • One phone number: Use of a single 24/7 emergency response phone number that is authorized by both CHEMTREC and NRCC.

  • Zone coverage: Your company be registered for “Asia Inside” or any “Outside Zone” CHEMTREC emergency response coverage


What is required?

To register for the NRCC Emergency Response Telephone Number Service we require:

  • The number of SDS that need to be registered.

  • All company names that are displayed on the SDS going into and being distributed within mainland China.

  • Your Chinese version of the SDS.

  • Index of documents, if applicable

How to register for NRCC service:

  • Complete the Request a Quote form and select Emergency Response Services - China.

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