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NRCC Emergency Response Service in China

Register for emergency response services when shipping in China

Companies that ship, produce, or sell hazardous chemicals in China must register these chemicals with the country’s Ministry of Emergency Management through the National Registration Center for Chemicals (NRCC). Manufacturers and distributors that register for CHEMTREC’s NRCC Emergency Response Service receive chemical registration and a 24/7 emergency response number for chemical incidents. If you also import or export chemicals outside of China, you must continue to adhere to other worldwide emergency response regulations.

Manage NRCC registration with CHEMTREC

To make the process of maintaining multiple emergency response services easier, CHEMTREC can manage your organization’s NRCC registration. CHEMTREC’s partnership with the NRCC offers:

  • One-stop shopping: Register for both NRCC and CHEMTREC services directly through CHEMTREC.
  • Comprehensive compliance: Obtain hazardous chemicals registration, SDS and label production, and GHS classification reports with NRCC registration through CHEMTREC.
  • One phone number: Use a single 24/7 emergency response phone number that is authorized by both CHEMTREC and NRCC.
  • Global coverage: Sign up for CHEMTREC’s Global Coverage to eliminate the need for a separate NRCC contract.

How to register for NRCC service:

  • Complete the Request a Quote form and select Emergency Response Services - China.
  • Send registration fee to CHEMTREC.
  • Submit SDSs and Index documents to CHEMTREC (documents must be written in Chinese).

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