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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Management

All your material safety data sheet information at your fingertips.

Having a fast and accurate hazmat emergency response plan relies heavily on your chemical material safety data sheets (MSDS/SDS). Knowing where the right SDS files are and being able to find them quickly could save your company precious time and money. Regardless of your industry, having the correct material safety data sheets to handle any emergency response or chemical spill is important.

In the event of an incident, you’ll find all of this important information on your SDS, and more.

  • Hazard identification
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • First-aid measures
  • Proper handling and storage
  • Emergency response phone number, like CHEMTREC

CHEMTREC has made it easier than ever to access this information at a moment’s notice. CHEMTREC’s SDS Solutions service gives your employees custom, organized access to your organization’s SDS, anytime and anywhere.

SDS Solutions

CHEMTREC SDS Solutions gives you a whole new level of access, accuracy and redundancy with your organization’s) SDS library. Here is a look at what SDS Solutions includes:


SDS Solutions


SDS Access™

Access your Safety Data Sheets anytime, anywhere, on your desktop, laptop or mobile phone with CHEMTREC SDS Access. Your subscription gives you secure, 24/7 web-based access to your SDS library with full search capabilities. SDS Access also includes library set-up, document indexing, ongoing maintenance and customized alerts.

SDS Access helps you remain compliant with the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other global hazard communication requirements. We even give you an SDS binder for on-site access, along with workplace posters, stickers, and wallet cards with access instructions. Employees without online access can call our dedicated SDS Access telephone number for 24 hour call center help.

SDS Distribution

Why take on the added expense, or burden your staff with the job of managing and distributing your Safety Data Sheets? With SDS Distribution, CHEMTREC’s team of SDS experts will manage your entire SDS library more efficiently and more affordably, and distribute copies via email, fax, CD or USB drive to authorized distributors, contractors or customers upon request.

We’ll help you comply with OSHA regulations, offering high availability through our redundant systems, protect your personalized SDS library through extensive backups and provide a dedicated SDS Distribution phone number to expedite requests.

SDS Indexing

We realize you may not always have the time or manpower to provide an electronic index for every SDS document you submit. Which is why we offer SDS Indexing services to help you streamline this process.

When you sign up for SDS Indexing, we’ll populate your SDS database with accurate, detailed information, indexed for easier searching. We employ parallel data entry and supervisor review to verify accuracy; and improve SDS submission efficiency, process quality and consistency—saving you time and valuable internal resources.

To register for SDS Solutions, contact us at 

1-800-262-8200 (8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. EST) 


Submit Your SDS Information

Looking to submit your SDS information? Current customers can visit our submission page and get started today.

Submit SDS Information

And now, by registering for CHEMTREC’s SDS Solutions service, your employees gain custom, secure, anytime access to your company-specific Safety Data Sheets through a user-friendly SDS web interface and document request hotline. This service, which aids in workplace compliance, includes SDS library set-up, document indexing and maintenance. Our team of SDS professionals will manage your SDS library and distribute copies to distributors, contractors and customers upon request.

CHEMTREC and SDS Solutions™ are services of the American Chemistry Council. In accordance with ACC and Responsible Care, CHEMTREC strives to significantly enhance performance and improve employee safety, the health of communities and the environment as a whole, moving us toward a safer, more sustainable future.



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Register for SDS Services

To register for SDS Solutions, email us at or call us at 703-741-5500 or 1-800-262-8200 (8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. EST).

Submit Your SDS Information

Looking to submit your SDS information? Current customers can visit our submission page and get started today.

Submit SDS Information

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