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Stay ahead of new and emerging regulations with REGTREC™

It’s challenging to keep up with evolving regulations in today’s fast-moving world. CHEMTREC®’s newest service, REGTREC, highlights the major chemical regulatory requirements of top countries worldwide. Whether expanding your business internationally or monitoring the impact of ever-changing regulations, REGTREC can help.

REGTREC provides a single source for up-to-date regulatory content on a broad range of topics including SDS, labels, product and substance registration, restrictions and bans and transportation. Experienced regulatory specialists monitor country-specific information and deliver easy-to-use reports.

REGTREC is included for CHEMTREC customers with Outside Zone or Global coverage. 

Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 access to global regulatory requirements
  • Updates for nearly 30 key countries around the globe
  • Summary of relevant information to quickly determine the potential impact of regulatory changes
  • User friendly portal with easy navigation
  • Push notifications of updates via email

Sections of REGTREC



       Official Gazette                      Inventories                         Substance Registration

   Official Gazette                      Inventories               Substance Registration



 Product Registration                                 Notifications                           Restrictions and Bans

Product Registration             Notifications                 Restrictions and Bans



                                   SDS and Label                                  Transport

                           SDS and Labels                        Transportation



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