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Custom Hazmat Safety Services from CHEMTREC

CHEMTREC is more than just an emergency call center. We also offer customized prevention and management services, including:

Incident Logging Services

Our trained, experienced ESS team will answer non-emergency calls, record limited incident details, and forward this information to the correct business unit within the company. Companies use this service to be notified of pre-incident exposures needing redress or to perform data analysis seeking patterns of flaws suitable for process review.

Emergency Communications Services

You can rely on CHEMTREC to handle your company’s crisis communications. This service includes:

  • address-card Company-dedicated telephone number(s)
  • comment Custom voice mailboxes for updating teams during an emergency
  • bullhorn Mass emergency broadcast services to voice, email and pagers
  • files Non-emergency SDS requests
  • headphones Non-emergency support calls
  • unlock-alt Security issues

Non-Emergency (Technical) Response Protocol

CHEMTREC will serve as your company’s 24-hour technical response center, providing callers with answers to your specific product-related questions.

Non-Emergency Call Management Services

CHEMTREC will serve as the company’s 24-hour response center, handling calls including minor incidents, customer service calls and general inquiry calls.

Disposition Program

Included  as a service to all registered companies, we will provide callers with pre-approved instructions for handling and disposing of leaking or damaged containers. We will also notify your company by fax and/or email.

This program is for incidents that meet the following parameters:

  • The spill or leak is from a single liquid storage container of 55 gallons (208 liters) or a single dry storage container of 400 pounds (182 kilograms) or less; OR, if there are multiple containers, the total volume of the liquid spill or leak is less than or equal to 55 gallons (208 liters) for liquid storage containers or less than or equal to 400 pounds (182 kilograms) for dry storage containers; AND
  • The leak or spill is contained and cleaned up; AND
  • The incident occurs at a trucking terminal or facility; AND
  • The caller does not require further assistance or contact from the registrant for any reason. 

Some of the options provided under these circumstances are:

  • Return the damaged container to the point of origin
  • Forward the damaged container to the customer for delivery
  • Dispose of the damaged container in accordance with local, state and federal regulations
  • Shipper will provide disposition instructions the next normal business day based on the report sent to the emergency contact

Please note, under any other circumstance such as a specific request by the caller for contact, our emergency service specialists will contact your company’s emergency contacts at the time of the incident.


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