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Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

CHEMTREC offers communication and technical assistance for our customers through our Incident Reporting service.  Our emergency response call center team is skilled at gathering the right specifics to support a complete and consistent incident report. These reports help companies identify trends, target solutions, and reduce risk, as well as track patterns, analyze incidents, and more.  

Incident Report Distribution   

To help you maintain written records of incident details for analysis and internal auditing purposes and more easily fulfill regulatory reporting requirements like DOT form 5800.1, CHEMTREC offers Incident Report Distribution. 

With this service, anyone in your organization that is designated as a report recipient will receive detailed reports of all incidents reported to CHEMTREC involve you as a carrier. This service is available in different tier levels based on incident volume.  

Regulatory Reporting 

In addition to distributing relevant incident reports to your company, CHEMTREC will go a step further by reviewing all customers’, registered for incident reporting, incidents and help make the determination if additional reporting may be needed based on Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR Parts 171-180). If additional regulatory reporting to PHMSA is identified, CHEMTREC will work with you to complete a DOT form 5800.1. 

CHEMTREC is registered with PHMSA to submit 5800.1 xml files on your behalf. By utilizing CHEMTREC to collect and submit your 5800.1 report, we will: 

  • Use our expertise to create a complete and concise report meeting PHMSA reporting requirements 
  • Reduce the amount of data entered manually from paper submissions 
  • Automate the submission and response processes 
  • Follow through to verify the data is accepted by PHMSA 
  • Maintain a record of your report for future reference 
  • Provide on demand access to your incident reports and 5800.1 reports 
  • Alleviate the effort for carriers that must file incident(s) 

Incident Report Distribution for Carriers

This subscription service provides detailed reports of all incidents involving you as a carrier. 

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