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Shipping to China: Partnership With China's Leading Chemical Response Agency

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06/08/2021 - 00:57

(June 8, 2021) CHEMTREC, the world’s leading emergency hazmat response service provider, has partnered with China’s National Registration Center for Chemicals (NRCC) to create a unified global response for chemical emergencies in China.

After several years of collaboration, CHEMTREC will now be able to offer global clients a more unified response to local chemical emergencies as well as providing more support on chemical compliance and risk management in the region.

The new partnership will enable CHEMTREC clients to manage all NRCC registrations and Chinese hazardous chemical compliance directly through their existing CHEMTREC contract, without the need for third party contracts, lawyers or mediators within China. The new process will reduce the risk of having goods impounded, financial penalties, or other sanctions by streamlining compliance and simplifying approval processes through one party, rather than many.

Along with NRCC registration, CHEMTREC will also manage chemical compliance including individual chemical registration, SDS (safety date sheet) and label production as well as GHS (global harmonised system) classification. Additionally, clients have access to 24/7 in-country NRCC emergency support, as mandated by Chinese law, along with additional back up helplines provided by CHEMTREC.

The formal agreement comes after almost a decade of knowledge sharing between the two agencies. Christopher Brown CHEMTREC Interim Chief Executive says the partnership allows CHEMTREC to offer more worldwide Emergency Response (ER) solutions to its customers: “We support our customers with global compliance, helping them manage their chemical and regulatory risks, adding value through working in partnership to understand their needs and develop leading-edge solutions.

“This partnership with NRCC highlights our continual improvement and allows us to offer a seamless worldwide ER solution to our customers.”

To bolster its support in the country, CHEMTREC will be channelling and coordinating its NRCC partnership services through local support teams as well as through its global helpline service available 24/7.

Yuan Jiwu, Director of NRCC’s Emergency Response Department, says he is pleased to be working with CHEMTREC: “We are delighted to work together with the world’s leading ER provider to offer a compliant service to international clients, helping mitigate chemical risks and avoid incidents in China. With their Chinese presence we now look forward to working more collaboratively with CHEMTREC and driving the Responsible Care agenda from an Emergency Response perspective.”

For more information on CHEMTREC’s partnership with NRCC please visit:  or contact us at for further details.


Also appeared in Sustainable Logistics International, Retail Logistics International, and Warehousing Logistics International.

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