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CHEMTREC Launches New Regional Phone Numbers

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December 7, 2021

With international transport and supply regulations becoming increasingly complex, CHEMTREC has expanded our international number suite to support customers with compliance. With 50 years of experience supporting the industry and over 100,000 international calls handled each year, our experience has enabled us to recognize the need for simplified options. We have therefore developed four regional numbers with an enhanced language recognition process.

Beyond the use on transport paperwork, regional numbers can be used for supply documentation (Safety Data Sheets and labels) provided that the regional number complies with all local emergency number requirements for the countries where the product is placed on the market.

CHEMTREC’s regional numbers automatically connect callers to the appropriate language options based on their telephone number’s international country code. Primarily designed for use on transport paperwork, the regional numbers can also be used for supply paperwork, e.g. on Safety Data Sheets, provided that the regional number complies with the local emergency number requirements for each country where the product is placed on the market.

Key Features of New Regional Numbers:

  • Provides access to multiple languages through a single number.
  • Provides native language options based on official/commonly spoken languages according to the caller’s dialing code.
  • Provides fast call connection to interpreters using automatic language recognition.

Regional Number Implementation Benefits for CHEMTREC Customers:

  • Enables the use of a single emergency number for transborder shipments within a region.
  • Helps customers who have limited space to display emergency numbers on paperwork.
  • Assists customers in reducing business risk through an improved connectivity process.

Looking for international emergency phone number compliance? Contact CHEMTREC today.

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