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Crisis Management that is with you at every step.

Our proven software, services, and support teams help you to stop incidents from escalating. We work with you from initial assessment through recovery, getting you prepared and primed to respond quickly and efficiently.

Helping You Prepare.

Prior planning is key to a successful response when dealing with an incident. Our tried and tested 5 step process supports you in making sure you have the right-level of preparedness and are ready to act fast when an incident occurs – helping your organization achieve true resilience.

  • Assessment – we evaluate your organization’s needs and understand your culture so that we can provide a solution tailored to your existing business practices. Take our free online health check now or contact us about a personalized health check for your organization.
  • Planning – we work collaboratively with you to create customized plans that work with your organization and staff – in any language. Plans include: Crisis, Emergency, Incident and Business Continuity.  We have a full range of options, from customizable templates with guided support available to purchase through our Crisis Academy, typically used by SME’s through plans developed exclusively for your organization, our crisis experts.
  • Realization – our intuitive software solution brings your tailored plan to life at the touch of a button, supporting your team’s response at every step.  
  • Training and eLearning – our specialized trainers provide your staff with the skills to prepare for, respond to and recover from any situation, be it face to face or via e-learning. Our Crisis Academy delivers engaging training sessions that are innovative, informative, and customizable. Examine our e-learning options or ask us about a face-to-face offering for your organization.
  • Exercising – our exercising options ensure your organization is ready to face challenges. We work with you to test arrangements, proactively identifying gaps. Our exercises range from tabletop through to high fidelity live and simulated scenarios. In addition to our tailored, consultant-led exercising options, we have a range of exercise toolkits available through our Crisis Academy, which helps guide small and medium sized organizations as they exercise their own arrangements.

Supporting Your Response.

Any incident requires a speedy, well-rehearsed, professional and, ultimately, decisive response to minimize further escalation of impacts. What may appear to be a relatively minor incident can quickly escalate. When incidents occur, the following steps are taken:

  • Notify – Our 24/7 call center receives first notification of an incident, gathers key information and assesses the nature and scale of the incident.
  • Cascade – CHEMTREC’s Smart Mass Notification System alerts your crisis teams and staff. Two-way tracking means we know who has received notifications and when, helping to provide assurance that staff members are safe. 
  • Activate – Once authorized, our call center staff will activate your plan and enable your teams to gain control of an incident and ‘get ahead of the curve’ in the golden hour.
  • Coordinate – Our intuitive platform allows you to seamlessly coordinate the incident, receive real-time updates, send out actions and set up meetings. 
  • Log & Review – Our smart platform logs all decisions and updates, giving you an audit trail for any subsequent investigation and in-depth review of the incident.

1During the pandemic, we will be face to face as subject to CDC or your country’s requirements.

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