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Crisis Management Training and Planning Services

Incidents can occur in any part of your business. We help you stop them turning into crises. 

By its very nature, a crisis is often complex and unpredictable, making it incredibly difficult for organizations if they don’t have adequate arrangements in place. We partner with you to minimize the impact of an incident affecting your organization or employees by providing tools, training and plans to increase your readiness. 

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Benefits of working with CHEMTREC

  • three-gear-cogs Industry specialists
  • head-thought-bubble Intuitive, simple solutions
  • three-person-silhouette Investors in people
  • star-ribbon Driven by best practices
  • four-hands Collaborative
  • handshake-stars Years of practical experience

Our Approach:

  • Our strategy is people-focused, providing your teams with tools and training, so they are ready to respond to any situation with a flexible and adaptable approach.
  • We help you feel comfortable with the uncomfortable, giving you the peace-of-mind that you’re ready to overcome rapidly evolving situations.  
  • Our proprietary tools build on and complement your existing work practices with seamless integration.  
  • We understand one-size doesn’t fit all, so we tailor solutions accordingly, offering a holistic solution, which provides a cohesive approach when you need it most.
  • We have experienced crisis management specialists ready with knowledge that can help you get your operation back to normal, minimizing effects to your customers and continuity.
  • Excellent and safe environment to discuss difficult and sensitive aspects of our role around decision making. Excellent knowledgeable trainers.

    Matt Cook
    London Fire Brigade
  • Great discussion, would have liked more! Great to talk about the soft skills of leadership.

    Senior Officer
    U.S. Coast Guard
  • Informative and relevant to today’s situation.

    Chemical Sector Incident Management Lead
  • Engaging and useful for those new to crisis management.

    Health and Safety Lead
  • Good speakers, content and exercise. The focus on non-technical skills was a plus. Simple concepts that are helpful to any IC Team.

    Emergency Planning Lead
    Major Chemical Company

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  • Partnerships and Collaboration

    Our philosophy is focused on understanding your needs, partnering with you to create a pathway to resilience and ongoing collaboration to maintain readiness.

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  • Our Services

    Our proven software, services and support teams help you to stop incidents from escalating. We work with you from initial assessment through to recovery, getting you prepared and primed to respond quickly and efficiently. 

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  • Meet the Team

    Our Crisis Management Team has years of experience working in high-risk sectors and environments with a proven track record of excellence.  

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Crisis Management in the Chemical Industry State of the Industry Report

CHEMTREC has published a State of the Industry Crisis Management Report, featuring responses from across the chemical industry (e.g. specialty, fragrances, agrochem, gases etc.) and associated industries supply chains (e.g. oil and gas, automotive, and mining).
Learn More and Download Your Copy

Be Crisis-Ready

Make sure your organization is prepared for any crisis. Email our Crisis Solutions Specialists, Chris Scott and Gareth Black, to discuss solutions for your business at

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