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Offering critical communication and technical assistance for carriers. 

When an incident occurs, emergency responders, manufacturers, shippers, and transportation companies rely on CHEMTREC to provide critical communication and technical assistance. As a carrier, CHEMTREC can help you: 

  • Stay informed of all incidents reported to CHEMTREC identifying you as the carrier 
  • Receive details of reported incidents in a consistent format 
  • Maintain a record of incident details for future analysis and internal auditing
  • Easily fulfil regulatory reporting (e.g., DOT form 5800.1) 
  • Quickly notify clients of possible delays in shipments 
  • Identify training opportunities for your staff to support continuous improvement 

Carrier Information Network 

CHEMTREC’s Carrier Information Network is a database of carrier contact information, which enables CHEMTREC to contact you when there is a need for additional information to help mitigate an incident. Having carrier information on file helps CHEMTREC facilitate immediate, accurate responses in emergency situations. The Carrier Information Network is also extended to include 3PLs, freight forwarders, warehouses, etc.  

In some instances, on-scene personnel may only be able to provide the name of the carrier and may not be able to identify the product and/or the name of the shipper. When a carrier’s contact information is on file with CHEMTREC, we can contact the carrier to research the identity of the product and/or the shipper.    


If a carrier acts as a shipper of hazardous materials, you will need an annual CHEMTREC registration. Contact us today to make sure you are covered!

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Learn More About What CHEMTREC Can Do For Carriers

CHEMTREC offers critical communication and technical assistance for carriers. Download our fact sheet for more details on our carrier service offerings.

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Incident Report Distribution  

To help you maintain records of incident details for analysis and internal auditing purposes and more easily fulfill regulatory reporting requirements like DOT form 5800.1, CHEMTREC offers Incident Report Distribution for carriers. 

In addition to distributing relevant incident reports to your company. CHEMTREC will go a step further by reviewing all customers’, registered for incident reporting, incidents and help make a determination if additional reporting may be needed based on 49 CFR Parts 171-180. If the incident requires additional reporting to PHMSA, CHEMTREC is here to help. We will work with you to complete the DOT form 5800.1 (49 CFR 171.16) form and bridge the connection between you and PHSMA to submit the report and verify its acceptance. Visit our Incident Reporting page for additional information on how CHEMTREC can help! 





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