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Critical communication and technical assistance for carriers.

Carrier Information Network 

If you’re a carrier, and would like to become part of our Carrier Information Network, please contact Customer Service.

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When an incident occurs, emergency responders, manufacturers, shippers and transportation companies rely on CHEMTREC to provide critical communication and technical assistance.

In turn, we rely on our Carrier Information Network—a robust database of carrier contact information—to facilitate immediate, accurate responses in emergency situations. This network also includes third-party logistics (3PLs), freight forwarders, warehouses and other critical contacts.



If a carrier acts as a shipper of hazardous materials, you’ll need an annual CHEMTREC registration (Inside Zone, Outside Zone or Global). 

Participation in the CHEMTREC Carrier Information Network does not authorize carriers to use the CHEMTREC emergency phone number on shipping documents or Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Any company that lists CHEMTREC on its shipping documents or SDS must have an active, paid registration with CHEMTREC. 

    Incident Report Distribution  

    To help you maintain written records of incident details for analysis and internal auditing purposes and more easily fulfill regulatory reporting requirements like DOT 5800.1, CHEMTREC offers Incident Report Distribution for carriers.

    With this service, you and anyone else in your organization who you designate as a report recipient will receive fully detailed reports (by email or fax) of all incidents reported to CHEMTREC that you’ve been involved in as a carrier. This service is available in different tier levels based on incident volume. 





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