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What We Do

CHEMTREC streamlines the process of shipping and transporting hazardous materials, giving you peace of mind, with professional support. We establish a critical link between shippers, carriers, emergency response and medical personnel, chemical experts, and law enforcement agencies during incidents involving hazardous materials. Our emergency call center is here for you around the clock to offer immediate assistance from a team of fully-trained and experienced hazardous materials emergency response services specialists. 

When you register with CHEMTREC as your Emergency Response Information Provider (ERI Provider), you’ll receive an emergency response phone number to place on your shipping documents, labels, packaging and other hazard communication documents, helping you comply with hazardous materials regulations. As an emergency response information provider, we also offer access to a wealth of information to help mitigate hazardous material emergencies.

Additional services for shippers and carriers include our carrier information network and incident report distribution, crisis communication, pre-incident notifications and other non-emergency call management services.

Chemical Emergency Call Center

CHEMTREC's Emergency Call Center is the heart of what we do. Our team of fully-trained, experienced Emergency Service Specialists (ESS) are available 24/7 to offer immediate assistance for incidents involving hazardous materials of any kind. Our ESS have diverse backgrounds, having worked as EMTs, first responders and military explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians. And all are required to complete extensive incident response training and obtain hazardous materials certification. 

Our specialists have access to our expansive library of seven million Safety Data Sheets (SDS). And since we’re linked to one of the world’s largest on-call networks, we can quickly connect to chemical, medical, toxicological, and hazardous materials experts around the world to provide critical emergency support. We can also connect with interpreters fluent in more than 240 languages, so nothing is lost in translation.

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