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Training & Drills

Preparation is the difference between an emergency response and a great emergency response.

CHEMTREC Drill Program

Quite often, the first time a caller interacts with CHEMTREC is during the chaos of an actual emergency. So to help callers know what to do during times of crisis, CHEMTREC offers a comprehensive drill program. 

Through our drill program, CHEMTREC participates in exercises in which we simulate how our Emergency Service Specialists would respond to actual emergency calls. These exercises help potential customers, registrants, companies, government officials, carriers and emergency responders get a better understanding of how we can assist and what resources and services we offer. This training opportunity translates into smoother operations when an actual emergency strikes.


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Coming in 2019, CHEMTREC will offer online hazmat training for 1) 49 CFR, 2) General Awareness, Security and Safety, and 3) Shipping Lithium Batteries. 

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