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SDS Submission Information

For customers who are registered with CHEMTREC, there are several ways to provide information on the products you ship and/or manufacture.

Provide Access to Your SDS Collection

If all of your company's Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available online, send the URL and instructions for accessing your documents to All documents must be available for products you ship and/or manufacture, including consumer/finished products, private label products and raw ingredients. If your website is password-protected, CHEMTREC requires a single user name and password.

Once your website is approved by CHEMTREC, it will be used as the sole source of SDS for products you ship. It is the Registrant's responsibility to notify CHEMTREC if the URL or password to access your documents is ever modified.

Send Your Documents to CHEMTREC

CHEMTREC can upload and maintain your SDS in our document management system for use in the event of an incident involving your company’s products and/or shipments. 

We accept most file types including pdf, doc, rtf, xls, tif, and txt files. Each SDS must be sent as an individual file and the file name cannot contain # ~ % .. & { } + , – — or begin with a space.

CHEMTREC welcomes SDS in foreign languages. If you send us your foreign language documents, please be sure to include an electronic index with the English product/trade name and language of the SDS. 

Due to the volume of submissions CHEMTREC receives and processes, customers who submit more than 100 documents are also required to provide an associated electronic index

CHEMTREC can index large volumes of SDS on your behalf for an additional fee. Please contact Customer Service if you are interested in our SDS Indexing service. 

How to Submit Your SDS

All SDS submissions must include a completed CHEMTREC Document Submission Form. The information you include on this form will help expedite the processing of your submission. Please note: due to the high volume of documents received each day, we are unable to provide individual confirmation of receipt.

  • Email documents to (5MB limit)
  • Upload via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) - contact Customer Service to set-up your access to our SFTP servers
  • Mail a CD/DVD or USB drive to:

Attn: SDS Department 
2900 Fairview Park Dr.
Falls Church VA 22042-4513

Manage Your Own Documents

CHEMTREC offers customers the option to electronically manage their documents directly within our Customer Document Management System (CCDMS). For more information, please contact Customer Service.

Instructions for One-Off Shipments

For a one-off shipment of a product you will only be shipping once and do not want to maintain in your current SDS library, email your SDS to Include a completed CHEMTREC Document Submission Form with your document and select the “One-off” option, be sure to include the date of shipment on the form. Documents submitted for one-off shipments will only be maintained in CHEMTREC's database for two weeks after the date of shipment.

Templates for Waste Streams, Lab Specimens, and Radioactive Materials

For shipments such as steady waste streams, lab specimens, and radioactive materials that do not require or have an SDS or profile, you may use one of the following formats:

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