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SDS Distribution

Why take on the added expense or burden your staff with the job of managing and distributing your safety data sheets? SDS Distribution, provided by CHEMTREC, offers efficient and cost-effective management of your SDS library. We will also distribute copies electronically, as requested, to authorized distributors, contractors, or customers. 

Our team can help you comply with OSHA regulations, offering high availability through our redundant systems,  protecting your personalized SDS library with extensive backups, and providing a dedicated SDS Distribution phone number to expedite requests. 

By registering for this service, we can make them available to your employees through a custom, secure, user-friendly SDS web interface and document request hotline. This service, which aids in workplace compliance, includes SDS authoring, library set-up, document indexing and maintenance. Our team of professionals will manage your SDS library and distribute copies to distributors, contractors, and customers upon request.

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