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Past Webinar: Emergency Response Compliance – Best Practices in a Challenging Regulatory Arena

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June 22, 2021

CHEMTREC has teamed up with international regulatory specialists to provide an overview of the complex emergency telephone number requirements around the world and how you can help your company in supporting compliance.

In this webinar, CHEMTREC strives to make the most complex challenges simple. Drawing on our panel of experts, we will highlight key supply and transport regulations around the world and provide guidance on how to overcome these. A wide range of topics will be covered including the challenges of exporting to Europe with its perplexing emergency response and poison center phone numbers, ensuring compliance with Mexico or Latin America exports, and the task of trying to meet the extremely stringent emergency response and hazardous products registration requirements in China.

There is something for everyone in this webinar and our Q&A session will provide some great insights into the challenges your peers in the chemical supply chain are facing, and how CHEMTREC and our partners are helping others in your position. 


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