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TRANSCAER Announces New Corporate Member Program

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January 8, 2021

TRANSCAER (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) is excited to announce the launch of its Corporate Member Program. This unique opportunity gives companies the chance to build connections with first responders and get involved in the community.

TRANSCAER is a voluntary national outreach program with a mission to assist communities to prepare for and respond to a possible hazardous material transportation incident. TRANSCAER provides training to thousands of emergency responders each year for free, and in order to do this TRANSCAER depends, in part, on its Corporate Members to financially support our training and outreach initiatives.

TRANSCAER Corporate Member Program

Build Relationships with Emergency Responders

The TRANSCAER Corporate Member Program provides companies with exclusive opportunities to build relationships with emergency responders, industry, and transportation companies. The program also provides a unique opportunity to support hazmat teams across North America by contributing to the TRANSCAER Hazmat Team Response Fund.

TRANSCAER Hazmat Response Team Fund Contribution

Each corporate membership fee includes $500 allocated to the TRANSCAER Hazmat Team Response Fund. The TRANSCAER Hazmat Team Response Fund was created to assist hazmat responders in acquiring hazmat response equipment and advanced training to protect themselves and their community when responding to hazmat transportation incidents.

The TRANSCAER Hazmat Team Response Fund provides annual awards between $500-$2,500 (based on individual needs) to hazmat teams across the United States who are seeking to purchase specific hazmat equipment or attend advanced training.

Why Become a TRANSCAER Corporate Member?

“TRANSCAER Corporate Membership benefits your company with new channels to promote your brand, and improve your reputation among your peers and in the community by showing your organization is invested in social responsibility…But the #1 benefit is supporting our nation’s first responders,” said John Modine, Chief Executive, CHEMTREC®.

Additionally, your membership contributions enable TRANSCAER to provide quality training programs for emergency responders throughout the year.

TRANSCAER Corporate Member Program 2

How to Apply

TRANSCAER offers four levels of membership: Chairman’s Club, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Download our Corporate Membership Brochure for more information on the benefits offered at each level. When ready to pledge your support, complete the corporate member application form.

To apply online, please visit:

For additional questions regarding TRANSCAER’s Corporate Member Program, please contact Erica Bernstein, Director of Outreach (, 804-357-4758).


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