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SDS Authoring: Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions

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November 16, 2023

What is CHEMTREC’s SDS Authoring Service?
CHEMTREC’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring Service is a recent addition to our suite of SDS Solutions. Designed to transform and streamline your SDS process, this service encompasses the creation of SDSs for the following product categories:

  • Development of newly formulated materials
  • Revision of existing SDS in compliance with the latest regulatory changes
  • Accommodation of worldwide jurisdictional requests and multilingual necessities

We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions that support both compliance and efficiency for your organization.

What is CHEMTREC’s authoring process? 
The SDS Authoring Service is strategically developed to accommodate chemical companies, regardless of their size or global reach. Whether your company has a few products sold regionally, or a wide range of formulations sold internationally, our proficient Sales and SDS Authoring Teams work closely with you to develop a customized pricing module catered specifically to your company’s needs. The service can be broken down into three separate phases:

  • Initial Project Scoping: We encourage a quick introductory meeting to help us gain a comprehensive understanding of your company products and overarching service expectations. This facilitates a two-way exchange where we introduce our trusted services and address any queries you may have.
  • Data Gathering: We provide a streamlined process for acquiring essential data to create the SDS.
  • SDS Drafting and Approval: CHEMTREC works diligently to provide SDS drafts for your review and approval. We prioritize customer satisfaction while always upholding regulatory requirements, providing a seamless and worry-free experience.

What information is necessary for the ‘Data Gathering’ phase in order to create a Safety Data Sheet?
To meet SDS regulations, CHEMTREC must perform hazard classifications for each and every product. This assessment requires full product composition (as close to 100% as possible) from the customer. We understand the importance of protecting trade secrets and have established safety parameters to keep your information secure. Your proprietary information will be used for classification purposes and once product classification is obtained; we will work with you to disclose this information appropriately while remaining in compliance with regulations.      

Can CHEMTREC provide a single Safety Data Sheet to satisfy multiple countries? 
Here at CHEMTREC, we recognize there are no short cuts around regulatory obligations. For that reason, we are currently unable to supply SDSs that would satisfy multiple jurisdictions. The variation in regulatory requirements across different countries underscores the critical need for accurate and comprehensive information display. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could potentially result in erroneous safety guidance and inadequate risk mitigation measures.

How does CHEMTREC’s quality of SDS differ from other SDS authoring providers?
With over 50 years of providing hazardous material safety and response services, CHEMTREC understands the importance of how every section of an SDS matters to SOMEONE. Our goal is not to simply author a compliant SDS- but aim to provide the most reliable and precise one that all users of the supply chain will benefit from using. How CHEMTREC stands out compared to other authoring companies is with our unique connections to emergency response, poison centers, and other subject matter experts affiliated with ACC (American Chemistry Council). Our Certified SDSRP (SDS Registered Professional) team specializes in regulatory compliance and accuracy. We have structured our SDS authoring prices competitively across the industry while taking into consideration the CHEMTREC brand and our values that we hold to the highest standard: safety, quality, integrity, and commitment to others.  

What is the average turnaround time for authoring an SDS? 
Once CHEMTREC obtains all necessary product information, our turnaround time is 5-10 business days for a first draft delivery. Expect final delivery of your official SDS within 15 days of your request!

What countries/languages does CHEMTREC SDS Authoring provide?
CHEMTREC offers Safety Data Sheets tailored to specific regulatory requirements of over 50 countries, encompassing their respective official language(s). These countries include:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, European Union (27 Countries), Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, UAE, USA, and Vietnam.

Interested in a country not listed above? Not to worry! Get connected to one of our specialists to assist your needs!

Does CHEMTREC author SDSs for batteries?
Yes! Why grapple with the uncertainty surrounding the necessity of a SDS for your battery? Interpretations and exemption status can be complicated enough, and it’s becoming increasingly common for downstream users to request this document regardless. While batteries are generally safe during regular handling and storage, at CHEMTREC, we recognize the significance of maintaining a proactive approach in terms of safety protocols. We specialize in the development of customized SDS tailored to the unique chemistry of your batteries, promoting safety, handling, and storage protection in the event of potential product compromise. Reach out to us today to discover more about our services and how we can support your safety initiatives.

We hope this FAQ guide has provided you with insight into our outstanding SDS Authoring Service. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please email our team to get connected to one of our dedicated representatives.

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