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In Perspective: Hazardous Materials Training with CHEMTREC

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April 2, 2020

Workplace Safety recently sat down with the folks at CHEMTREC to talk about how companies can stay up to date with their hazardous materials training, and much more. Read on for this exclusive, in-depth interview.

Q: What makes CHEMTREC’s hazmat training stand out from others that offer hazmat training?

A:  CHEMTREC is the world’s leading emergency response information provider (ERIP) and we have more experience in handling hazmat incidents than anyone else. CHEMTREC is committed to minimizing risks to health, safety and the environment and training is a critical component to ensure that all employees know how to properly handle dangerous goods.

Q: What are the benefits of signing up for CHEMTREC’s online training?

A: The courses provide training for employees involved in the handling, packaging and transport of hazardous materials. Employees will learn what hazardous materials are and how they are classified, how to pack, mark and label hazmat items, how to prepare shipping papers, safety and security awareness, and emergency response guidance. The courses meet the training requirements for DOT’s 49 CFR, 172.704.

Q: What can we expect to learn from CHEMTREC’s new IATA DGR Online Training Course?

A: This course focuses on what dangerous goods are and how they are classified, along with proper packaging requirements and documentation of dangerous goods shipments by air.

Q: What other online training courses is CHEMTREC working on? When can we expect those courses to be available?

A: Currently, CHEMTREC is working on two courses to be launched in 2020. The first course, 49 CFR for Ground Carriers, provides an in-depth look at DOT 49 CFR, FMCSA, and other carrier specific obligations and best practices. The second course, GHS Compliance, is an intro to GHS and Hazard Communications (US 29 CFR 1910.1200).

Q: Why do customers prefer CHEMTREC’s training for their business?

A: CHEMTREC’s training is interactive and fully narrated, making the topics more engaging to the trainee. Along with this, the courses are regularly maintained to include the most up-to-date regulations. Companies also appreciate the on-demand capability of our online training. Trainees are able to stop and then resume their courses at any time.

Q: Why are admin accounts so convenient?

A: Company administrators, such as managers and HR personnel, are able to purchase and store large numbers of courses within their account. These courses can then be distributed to trainees as needed. Each trainee’s completion status is also tracked. Once trainees have completed their training, the administrator has access to scores and certificates which makes for easy recordkeeping as outlined by 49 CFR 172.704 (d).

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