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Lithium Battery Guide for Shippers

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October 8, 2021

The U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) published a comprehensive guide to help shippers comply with the latest May 1, 2020 HM-2150 regulatory requirements. Their document, Lithium Battery Guide for Shippers, outlines; why and how lithium batteries are regulated in transportation, Harmonized Materials Regulations (HMR) international and modal requirements, battery types and implications on shipping requirements, shipping damaged, defective, recalled, as well as disposal/recycling of lithium batteries. In addition to this extensive information, the document includes an interactive flowchart to help direct you to the guide that best fits your shipment, see below.

PHMSA Graph V1

The scenario-based situations will help direct shippers to the guides based on the eight descriptions, as found in HMT 172.101 of the HMR, see image 2 for additional details. Each shipping guide covers, emergency response information, training, hazard communication, packaging, and other relevant requirements.

PHMSA Graph V2

CHEMTREC believes this document is a useful resource for shippers of all modes of transportation.  We recognize that meeting the requirements can be daunting. Let CHEMTREC be your all-inclusive shop to meet these regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines. Here is how we can help:

  • Emergency Response: We are the premier 24/7 call center response service that will guide you through any chemical emergency.
  • Test Summary: Our CRITERION® document management system serves as a central source to maintain lithium battery test summary reports.
  • Training: All employees involved in the shipment, including preparation for shipment are subject to the hazmat employee training requirements of § 172.704. Check out our catalog of online courses including Shipping Lithium Batteries and Cells.
  • Labels: Get exactly the right hazmat labels for your lithium battery shipment through our exclusive partnership. Click here to order labels today!

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