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Meet Katie, Our SDS Authoring Manager

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August 21, 2023

Hello everyone! I’m Katie Lavender, a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Registered Professional, and the SDS Authoring Manager at CHEMTREC. I have nine years of authoring experience, with a focus in the pharmaceutical sector and a background in hazardous waste management. My diverse experience helps bring a wealth of expertise to the table. I have a strong commitment to quality, intertwined with a profound sense of integrity, which fuels my dedication to assisting others.

From the first day I joined the CHEMTREC team, it was evident that our company’s mission resonates with my values.  The service we provide align with the morals that are important to me: quality, integrity, and commitment to others.

Having formally worked for a company that benefits from CHEMTREC’s emergency response service, I was extremely excited and honored to be given this opportunity of implementing our newly launched SDS Authoring Service. Check out CHEMTREC's SDS Authoring website to learn more.

I’m pleased to be a part of this month’s “More Than a Call Center Webinar Series” where CHEMTREC and a panel of regulatory professionals take a deep dive explaining “The Safety Data Sheet - A Vital Tool in the Product Stewardship Toolbox." Register today or view the recording!

Stay tuned for our most Frequently Asked Questions SDS Authoring post and more as we continue to pave the way for safety and compliance in hazardous materials management!

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