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Get to Know CHEMTREC's Latin America Office

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April 1, 2021

Did you know that CHEMTREC has a Latin America office based in São Paulo, Brazil? CHEMTREC has had presence in the region since 2018, bringing our high standards and enhancing safety by strengthening its local know-how and building lasting relationships with local customers and partners.

The Latin America team is enhancing CHEMTREC services in the region based on customer needs and local requirements. Recently, CHEMTREC has partnered with a renowned Brazilian toxicologist to provide 24/7 medical assistance in Portuguese and assist customers with adopting and implementing usage of CHEMTREC emergency phone numbers in the region. This has included providing our customers with necessary information, assistance, and training on where, how, and when to use our numbers correctly and according to local regulation.

Additionally, we have specialists in our emergency operations center who can provide guidelines in both Portuguese and Spanish to callers from the region.

If you need guidance on local supply, regulations, and transport risks or have questions about usage of emergency phone numbers across the region, in geographies such as Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, our Latin America team can help.

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