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Hazmat Response Resources for Emergency Responders

CHEMTREC is the leading source of 24/7 call center support and information during hazardous materials incidents. For more than 45 years, our engagement with emergency responders around the world has been the engine that drives our success. 

We’re the single point of contact that connects you with everyone involved—manufacturers, shippers, consignees, carriers, and government agencies. We’re equipped to handle any situation and any class of hazardous material. Our team of trained, experienced Emergency Support Specialists are available around the clock, and have access to a worldwide network of hazardous materials specialists, toxicologists, medical professionals, and an expansive library of more than 6 million Safety Data Sheets. CHEMTREC provides hazmat emergency responders with the information they need to safely and efficiently manage chemical shipping incidents, including guidebooks, training opportunities and industry resources. 

CHEMTREC Awards and Scholarships

Safety is our specialty.

  • database CHEMTREC maintains a database of more than six million Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • phone The CHEMTREC Call Center receives an average of 350 calls a day
  • globe CHEMTREC receives incoming calls from anywhere in the world
  • language CHEMTREC personnel can assist callers in over 240 languages through the use of an interpreter service

Frequently Asked Questions

As an emergency responder, do I need to register or pay a fee for CHEMTREC’s services?

Emergency responders never pay a fee to rely on CHEMTREC for information during a hazardous materials incident. Registration applies to shippers that wish to use our emergency telephone number on shipping documents.

Does CHEMTREC notify other federal, state or local authorities in case of a hazardous materials spill?

No. The responsible party is still obligated to notify these authorities, and to comply with applicable requirements.

Who answers the CHEMTREC phone number?

All calls are handled by our team of experienced, trained Emergency Service Specialist (ESS). Our ESS have emergency response backgrounds and receive rigorous and recurring hands-on emergency response and hazmat training.

What technical resources does CHEMTREC use to handle emergencies?

After a CHEMTREC ESS obtains information from the caller concerning the incident, immediate technical emergency response information is provided to the scene. Information provided by the ESS is obtained from several sources, including our expansive collection of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), information databases, emergency contacts, and medical and chemical specialists.

Does CHEMTREC participate in drills and exercises?

Yes. Through our drill program, we conduct and participate in exercises and emergency simulations. Our goal is to help emergency responders understand what resources and services are available in the event of a hazmat emergency.

To arrange a CHEMTREC drill, complete the form here.

Does CHEMTREC have foreign language capabilities?

Yes. CHEMTREC can access interpretation services for callers in more than 240 languages.

Does CHEMTREC assist with exposure to hazardous materials?

CHEMTREC can connect with a network of physicians and toxicologists anytime day or night who can provide critical information to assist emergency medical personnel on the scene.

As an emergency responder, can I access CHEMTREC’s SDS library during non-emergencies?

CHEMTREC provides SDS information during actual emergencies, scheduled drills or exercises.

We help Responders respond.