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Operations Center

CHEMTREC's Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by trained and experienced Emergency Service Specialists (ESS). CHEMTREC ESS can provide immediate guidance and information through Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and many other resources. Linked to the world’s largest on-call network of chemical, medical, toxicological and hazardous materials experts, the ESS can establish direct communication between these experts, CHEMTREC personnel and the responders at the scene to provide consistent and accurate information that is critical to the successful response to the incident.

CHEMTREC’s ESS have extensive hands-on experience in handling hazardous materials incidents. Many ESS come to CHEMTREC with emergency response backgrounds and each undergoes hazardous materials certification training regardless of their prior experience.


"One of the first times I ever used CHEMTREC was in 1975 when there was a train wreck in a neighboring community.  The local fire chief told me there was a problem and put me in charge of “the chemicals" because he didn't want any part of it.  There were not any cell phones in those days, but I was able to use the phone in a house that had been evacuated across the street from the derailment.   I remembered seeing a yellow CHEMTREC sticker on the police dispatcher’s console and I called CHEMTREC.  The guy at CHEMTREC told me what to do - - the first thing he told me was to take a deep breath and then give him the information we had about the chemical loads.  The short version of a long story is that CHEMTREC put us in contact with the shipper, and the shipper came to our aid.

"I'm convinced that without CHEMTREC and TRANSCAER, the whole emergency response community would be behind the eight ball!"

                                                                                                                                            - Denny Day
                                                                                                                Hazmat Tank Car Manager (ret.)