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Emergency Responders

When faced with an incident involving hazardous materials, emergency responders need quick access to a reliable resource that can provide critical and immediate information.

A call to CHEMTREC’s emergency phone number is generally the first call for help during hazardous materials incidents and CHEMTREC is the central point of contact for all parties involved – emergency responders, manufacturers, shippers, consignees, carriers, and government agencies.

CHEMTREC has been a leader in the hazmat response community since 1971. Based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, CHEMTREC is a 24/7/365 emergency call center that provides immediate information and assistance to anyone involved in a chemical or hazardous material incident around the globe.

CHEMTREC is always available to anyone needing assistance during a hazardous materials incident, free of charge to the caller. 


"In my 40 years as a responder and trainer, I have always found CHEMTREC to be able to support me in my moment of need.  They have always been there to help the emergency response community and they ask nothing in return!"

- Michael Callan 
Captain, Wallingford, CT Fire Department (ret.) 


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