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2022 Process Safety Forum

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September 14, 2022–September 15, 2022 at New Orleans, LA

Join Crisis Solutions Consultants Chris Scott and Gareth Black on September 15 for their workshop "Learnings from the CHEMTREC Emergency Operations Center" at the 2022 Process Safety Forum. Chris and Gareth will walk through a real-life hazmat incident that was handled through the operations center. They explore the various aspects of the incident from a crisis management perspective and talk about how by using the tactics and techniques of a sound crisis management program can minimize the impact to your operations, your people, and the environment. Then from a prevention standpoint, how can an effective PHA be utilized to reduce the risk or recurrence.

This year's workshop will be held at the Sheraton in New Orleans, Louisiana. The workshop will run from September 14 through September 15.


About the 2022 Process Safety Forum

ACC hosts an annual forum for the exchange of information on process safety management in the chemical industry. The 2022 program will begin with a networking reception the evening before a full day of technical presentations highlighting the lessons learned from facility incidents or near-misses, discussions on accident avoidance at operating plants, and overviews of process safety trends in our industry.

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