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USA + Canada Authorization

Any company - manufacturer, distributor, freight forwarder, warehouse, terminal, or third party logistics service provider (3PL) - listed as the shipper on the shipping documents for hazardous materials is subject to government regulations and may be responsible for providing an emergency contact number. If your company ships hazardous materials or dangerous goods, it is your responsibility to determine whether the product being shipped is subject to government regulations.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation regulation 49 CFR § 172.604, "A person who offers a hazardous material for transportation must provide an emergency response number, including the area code or international access code, for use in the event of an emergency involving the hazardous material." Therefore, it is the shipper's responsibility to include an emergency contact telephone number - accessible 24 hours a day - on all hazardous material shipping papers.

CHEMTREC's USA + Canada Authorization authorizes the Registrant the geographically-limited right to portray the CHEMTREC emergency phone number(s) on shipping documents, SDS and hazard communication labels within the United States and/or Canada. For shipments outside the USA and Canada, CHEMTREC offers Worldwide Authorization

Only companies registered with CHEMTREC are authorized to use the CHEMTREC emergency telephone number on their shipping documents and SDS. Companies and entities that use the CHEMTREC number on their shipping documents without registering with CHEMTREC are subject to significant government fines and penalties. 



Why should you have an Emergency Response Information Provider (ERIP)?

  • Mitigate impact on health and environment;
  • P
  • rotect your brand and company reputation;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Minimize financial exposure;
  • Provide critical support for supply chain partners and customers;
  • Continuous improvement of your safety process and protocols;
  • Resource for disaster recovery and business continuity plan.
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    What happens when a call comes into CHEMTREC?


    Register Now!

    During the Online Registration process, you will be asked to:

    • Provide basic company information and a Primary, Billing, and SDS contact
    • Identify at least three (3) Emergency Contacts who can be reached by CHEMTREC 24x7
    • Add affiliate organizations and separate emergency conacts, if applicable
    • Agree to CHEMTREC’s Terms and Conditions