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What Defines an Affiliate

Registrants may choose to register the names of affiliated companies (“Affiliates”) for coverage under its registration. Affiliates may be subsidiaries, plants, divisions, business units, distributors, companies acting as offerors for the parent Registrant, or third-party logistics companies. CHEMTREC does not require a legal relationship between a Registrant and its Affiliates. Separate locations of a company do not need to be registered as Affiliates if they are shipping under the same name as the parent Registrant*. Only entities that are shipping hazardous materials under a different name from the Registrant (i.e., a different name is in the "Shipper" box on the shipping papers) should be registered as Affiliates. There is no limit to the number of Affiliates a company may register, but all Affiliates are subject to additional charges as outlined in the fee schedule.

The parent Registrant agrees to accept responsibility for the administrative, billing and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) matters for all Affiliates, meaning:

  • The parent Registrant provides one point of contact to handle administrative matters, including updating and maintaining all Affiliate company information with CHEMTREC;
  • The parent Registrant provides one point of contact to handle billing matters, including the payment of invoices (CHEMTREC will not bill Affiliates separately); and
  • The parent Registrant is obligated to provide CHEMTREC with (or access to) SDS for the hazardous materials all Affiliate companies ship and to maintain the currency of those documents. The parent Registrant is responsible for the submission and updating of all Affiliate company SDS.

The parent Registrant’s Emergency Contacts and Incident Report Contacts will be used for all Affiliates. An annual premium is added for any Affiliate that maintains separate Emergency Contacts from the parent Registrant; only Affiliates with separate Emergency Contacts can maintain separate Incident Report Contacts.

All incident counts for Affiliates roll up to the parent Registrant’s total number of incidents for the year. 

In registering Affiliates, the parent Registrant is accepting responsibility for all calls about Affiliate shipments, on behalf of each registered Affiliate.  As such, the parent Registrant must be satisfied that the Emergency Contacts are knowledgeable in ALL the products that will be offered for shipment by that Affiliate.

CHEMTREC advises caution when registering the names of public warehouses, tollers, private labelers, freight forwarders, third-party shippers, etc. as Affiliates unless they are only shipping the parent Registrant’s products. If an incident occurs, and the shipper is only listed with CHEMTREC as an Affiliate, then the parent Registrant's Emergency Contacts will be contacted and the incident will count toward the parent Registrant's total. The parent Registrant will be responsible for any related fees, regardless of whether or not the shipment in question actually belongs to the parent Registrant.

*Separate locations shipping under the same name as the parent Registrant may opt to register as Affiliates if the location(s) requires separate Emergency Contacts from the parent.