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Other Services

Custom Services

In addition to USA + Canada Authorization and Worldwide Authorization, which grant the registrant the right to portray the CHEMTREC phone number(s) on their shipping papers, many companies have enlisted CHEMTREC’s resources, particularly its 24-hour Operations Center staffed by trained and experienced specialists, to provide custom services. Examples of custom services include:

  • Incident Logging Services – CHEMTREC will answer non-emergency calls and record limited incident details and direct the information to the correct business unit within the company. Companies use this service to be notified of pre-incident exposures needing redress or to perform data-mining analysis seeking patterns of flaws suitable for process review.
  • Crisis Communications Services – CHEMTREC will serve as the company’s crisis communications service, which may include: company-dedicated telephone number(s); custom voice mailboxes for updating business unit personnel during a crisis; mass emergency broadcast services to voice, email and pagers; non-emergency SDS requests; non-emergency support calls; security issues; etc.
  • Non-Emergency (Technical) Response Protocol – CHEMTREC will serve as the company’s 24-hour response center, providing callers with information pertaining to specific consumer-related questions regarding the company’s product(s) using information provided by the company.
  • Non-Emergency (Technical) Call Management Services – CHEMTREC will serve as the company’s 24-hour response center, handling calls including minor incidents, customer service calls and general inquiry calls.

For more information about custom services contact Customer Service.  


Other Services and Networks


  • One-Time Shipment Authorization enables the use of CHEMTREC services for single shipments of regulated hazardous materials requiring a 24-hour emergency telephone number.  
  • CHEMTREC is now offering Incident Report Distribution for carriers to receive written reports of all incidents in which they, as a carrier, have been involved. 
  • CHEMTREC’s Carrier Information Network is a database of carrier contact information which enables CHEMTREC to contact you when there is a need for additional information to help mitigate an incident in which you are the carrier. 
  • CHEMTREC's Disposition Program will provide pre-approved instructions to a caller on how to handle an incident involving small leaking or damaged containers, and provide notification to your company by fax and/or email for no additional charge.
  • SDS Indexing is a service that CHEMTREC can provide to Registrants so that large volumes of SDS can be indexed on your behalf for an additional fee.

For more information on these other services contact Customer Service.



 Fact Sheets


CHEMTREC General Fact Sheet

Now Available - CHEMTREC Fact Sheets!   


CHEMTREC has created fact sheets for many of our products and services. To download a copy, click on the image - all fact sheets are in pdf.


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