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SDS Indexing

CHEMTREC is now offering SDS Indexing services!

Due to the volume of submissions CHEMTREC receives and processes on a daily basis, Registrants who submit large volumes of documents are required to provide an associated electronic index. CHEMTREC can help you complete this requirement by indexing large volumes of SDS on your behalf for an additional fee.

Why should I take advantage of SDS Indexing services?

  • Streamline the SDS document indexing process for CHEMTREC submissions;
  • Improve large volume SDS submission efficiency, process quality, consistency and information access;
  • Ensure that your SDS database is populated with accurate, detailed index information;
  • Decrease human error during the indexing process;
  • Save valuable time by having CHEMTREC index your large SDS submissions.


    If you are interested in SDS Indexing, please contact Customer Service.