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Medical Information Service

Get access to expert Medical Information Services today!

CHEMTREC is now offering access to expert 24-hour medical information services for medical exposures and other medical incidents through Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center (RMPDC).


  • Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center (RMPDC) is one of the top regional poison centers in the U.S.;
  • RMPDC was established and has been serving the public since 1956;
  • RMPDC is a part of the Denver Health System;
  • Certified by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC);
  • Staffed with Poison Control Specialists, Physicians & Toxicologists 24-hour per day for expert medical advice.
  • How Does CHEMTREC Utilize RMPDC Services?

  • You are informed of all incidents reported to CHEMTREC in which you are involved;
  • Medical exposure calls received by CHEMTREC are conferenced in with RMPDC then CHEMTREC drops off the call for medical privacy reasons;
  • Calls are initially handled by Poison Control Specialists and can be escalated if needed;
  • CHEMTREC incident reports reference a RMPDC report number in case a copy of the RMPDC report is needed;
  • RMPDC also provides customized medial services such as regulatory reporting, case management, clinical trials and logging adverse reaction events.
  • Can I Use My Own Medical Service?

  • If you have your own medical contact CHEMTREC can connect callers with your designated medical information provider;
  • If you do not have a medical contact or medical service, callers will be conferenced in with RMPDC.