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Incident Report Distribution

CHEMTREC is now offering Incident Report Distribution for carriers!

Our newest product, Incident Report Distribution, gives you the opportunity to receive written notification of ALL incidents in which you, as a carrier, have been involved. Copies of these reports will be emailed to contacts on your account that have been designated as report recipients.

How does this benefit you as a carrier? 

  • You are informed of all incidents reported to CHEMTREC in which you are involved;
  • Details of incidents are reported to you in a consistent format;
  • You can maintain a written record of incident details for analysis and internal auditing purposes;
  • You can more easily fulfill government/regulatory reporting (e.g., DOT 5800.1);
  • You have the ability to quickly notify clients of possible delays in shipments; and
  • You can identify training opportunities for your staff to support continuous improvement.

    Incident Report Distribution is available in different tier levels based on the volume of incidents in which you may be involved.

    If you are interested in subscribing to our Incident Report Distribution service or would like more information on this new offering, please contact Customer Service.

    Remember, if a carrier is going to act as a shipper of hazardous materials, an annual CHEMTREC registration (USA + Canada Authorization or Worldwide Authorization) is required. Any company that lists CHEMTREC on its shipping documents or SDS must have an active registration with CHEMTREC for which the proper fees have been paid. Furthermore, subscribing to the Incident Report Distribution service DOES NOT authorize carriers to provide the CHEMTREC phone numbers for the benefit of use on shipping documents or SDS.