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Carrier Information Network

When an incident occurs, emergency responders, manufacturers, shippers, and transportation companies rely on CHEMTREC to provide critical communication and technical assistance.

CHEMTREC’s Carrier Information Network is a database of carrier contact information which enables CHEMTREC to contact you when there is a need for additional information to help mitigate an incident in which you are the carrier. Having carrier information on file helps CHEMTREC facilitate immediate, accurate responses in emergency situations. The Carrier Information Network is also extended to include 3PLs, Freight Forwarders, Warehouses etc.

In some instances, on-scene personnel may only be able to provide the name of the carrier and may not be able to identify the product and/or the name of the shipper.  When a carrier’s contact information is on file with CHEMTREC, CHEMTREC can contact the carrier to obtain the identity of the product and/or the shipper. 

If you are a carrier, and want to become part of our network of communication experts and transportation resources, contact Customer Service.

Remember, if a carrier is going to act as a shipper of hazardous materials, an annual CHEMTREC registration (USA + Canada Authorization or Worldwide Authorization) is required. Any company that lists CHEMTREC on its shipping documents or SDS must have an active registration with CHEMTREC for which the proper fees have been paid. Furthermore, participation in the CHEMTREC Carrier Information Network DOES NOT authorize carriers to provide the CHEMTREC phone numbers for the benefit of use on shipping documents or SDS.