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Worldwide Authorization

CHEMTREC’s Worldwide Authorization authorizes shippers of dangerous goods the right to portray the CHEMTREC phone number(s) – or any number directed to CHEMTREC’s call center – on shipping documents, Safety Data Sheets and hazard communication labels, without geographical limitations. While CHEMTREC's USA + Canada Authorization is limited to shipments within the United States or Canada, Worldwide Authorization expands this service to cover shipments between international locations.

CHEMTREC’s global services include a broad range of critical resources that can help on-scene personnel, such as emergency responders, mitigate incidents involving dangerous goods, including:

  • An operations center staffed by trained and experienced emergency service specialists, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;
  • Immediate access to thousands of chemical product specialists and hazardous materials experts through CHEMTREC’s database of over 30,000 manufacturers, shippers, carriers, public organizations and private resources;
  • An expansive electronic library of over 6 million Safety Data Sheets (SDS);
  • Immediate hotline access to medical professionals and toxicologists to provide expert toxicological advice in conference with on-site medical professionals or emergency medical technicians treating exposure victims. 
  • In-Country Dial telephone numbers in over 60 key countries around the world, which can be critical in complying with new regulations requiring in-country phone numbers in a growing number of jurisdictions. Each in-country telephone number has a greeting in the local language to assist the caller and explain how the balance of the call will proceed;
  • Interpretation capabilities for more than 200 languages; and
  • A state-of-the-art telecommunications system that supports the virtual emergency response team, seamlessly linking on-scene responders with chemical experts, transportation companies, and product manufacturers.


Why should you have an Emergency Response Information Provider (ERIP)? 
  • Mitigate impact on health and environment;
  • Mitigate impact on health and environment;
  • P
  • rotect your brand and company reputation;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Minimize financial exposure;
  • Provide critical support for supply chain partners and customers;
  • Continuous improvement of your safety process and protocols;
  • Resource for disaster recovery and business continuity plan.
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    What happens when a call comes into CHEMTREC?



    Register Now!

    During the Online Registration process, you will be asked to:

    • Provide basic company information and a Primary, Billing, and SDS contact
    • Identify at least three (3) Emergency Contacts who can be reached by CHEMTREC 24x7
    • Add affiliate organizations and separate emergency conacts, if applicable
    • Agree to CHEMTREC’s Terms and Conditions

     In-Country Dial Numbers


    In-Country Dial telephone numbers are currently available for the following countries:



    Africa Australia & Oceania
    South Africa   Australia (Sydney)    
        New Zealand (Auckland)    
    Argentina (Buenos Aries)    Europe    
    Brazil (Rio De Janeiro)   Austria (Vienna)    
    Cayman Islands Belgium (Brussels)
    Chile (Santiago)   Bulgaria (Plovdiv)    
    Colombia   Croatia (Zagreb)    
    Costa Rica Czech Republic (Prague)
    Mexico   Denmark    
    Panama Estonia
    Peru (Lima) Finland (Helsinki)
    Trinidad and Tobago   France    
    Asia   Germany (Frankfurt)    
    Bahrain (Bahrain)   Greece (Athens)    
    Bangladesh   Hungary (Budapest)    
    Hong Kong   Ireland (Dublin)    
    India   Italy    
    India (Mumbai) Italy (Milan)
    Indonesia   Latvia (Riga)    
    Israel (Tel Aviv)   Lithuania (Vilnius)    
    Japan  (Tokyo)   Luxembourg    
    Malaysia   Netherlands    
    Malaysia (Kuala Lampur) Norway (Oslo)
    Philippines   Poland (Warsaw)    
    Russia   Portugal     
    Saudi Arabia    Romania    
    Singapore   Serbia    
    South Korea   Slovakia  (Ljubljana)    
    Taiwan   Slovenia    
    Thailand   Spain     
    Turkey (Istanbul)   Spain (Barcelona)     
    Vietnam (Hanoi)    Sweden (Stolckholm)    
        Switzerland (Zurich)    
    United Kingdom (London)