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USA + Canada Annual Registration

Registering for CHEMTREC's USA + Canada annual service gives you the right to portray the CHEMTREC emergency phone number(s) on shipping documents, SDS, and hazard communication labels for all shipments within the United States and Canada.

  • 24/7 support by trained emergency service specialists
  • Helps you comply with US DOT regulations (49 CFR § 172.604)
  • Immediate notification of all incidents involving your shipments
  • Instant access to contracted medical professionals 
  • Unlimited Safety Data Sheet storage for your product information
  • Ability to view real-time incident details through the customer portal

For shipments outside the USA and Canada, CHEMTREC offers Worldwide or Multi-Country service.

USA + Canada One-Time Shipment Registration

This service gives you the right to use CHEMTREC for a single shipment of regulated hazardous materials requiring a 24-hour emergency telephone number within the USA and Canada.

  • Allows for a single USA + Canada shipment, valid for up to 14 days
  • Recommended for organizations that ship one to two times per year
  • Payment, SDS and chemical shipping details due upon registration


Remember—only companies registered with CHEMTREC are authorized to use the CHEMTREC emergency phone number(s) on their shipping documents and SDS. Using the CHEMTREC number on shipping documents without registering with CHEMTREC is subject to significant fines and penalties. 

Why is Registration Critical?

Every day, we receive calls from federal and state inspectors, as well as responsible inter-modal carriers, asking to verify that CHEMTREC has authorized the use of our phone number on shipping documents for chemical transportation. 

Using our emergency number without authorization is a violation of U.S. Federal regulations and CHEMTREC's Terms of Service. Only registered shippers can display the CHEMTREC emergency phone number on their shipping documents. 

We encourage members of the regulatory enforcement community to contact us to verify authorization of our phone number on shipping documents.

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CHEMTREC labels can be purchased through our approved supplier, Labelmaster, upon completion of your CHEMTREC registration. 
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