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Chemical Response Call Center

Our Emergency Response Call Center offers several types of registration, depending on where your shipment originates and where it’s headed. We’re also here 24/7 to support you with an extensive set of incident response capabilities in our hazmat call center—including a worldwide network of responders, interpretation for more than 240 languages, and other resources—to quickly help mitigate incidents involving hazardous materials and dangerous goods anywhere in the world. Beyond satisfying the regulation requirements of having an emergency phone number on hazmat shipments, CHEMTREC offers incident management and shipping support around the clock.

Why register with CHEMTREC?

  • shield Protect your brand and company reputation
  • money Minimize your financial exposure
  • life-bouy Provide critical support for supply chain partners and customers
  • check Continuous improvement of your safety process and protocols
  • building Plan for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • envira Mitigate impact on health and environment
  • CHEMTREC Coverage Levels

    CHEMTREC offers three levels of coverage based on the regional zones of your shipment origins and destinations: Inside Zone, Outside Zone, and Global Coverage.

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