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Hazmat Services / Dangerous Goods Services from CHEMTREC

Safety is all we do

With over 50 years of experience, CHEMTREC’s world-leading call center operates on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week, providing emergency response information wherever hazardous materials are manufactured, stored, transported, or used. With the right procedures and protocols in place, and by doing what’s right quickly and effectively, CHEMTREC helps minimize environmental impacts, protect people, and preserve the assets and reputations of its customers. Operating globally, CHEMTREC has offices in major regions and on-the-ground knowledge of local regulations, understanding of local nuances, and appreciation of cultural sensitivities.

CHEMTREC offers a suite of services along with L1 emergency response, including SDS management and authoring, hazardous materials training, crisis management, L2/L3 notification services, carrier solutions, data reporting, and lithium battery solutions. CHEMTREC is proud to contribute to the practice of safe handling and transportation of hazardous materials throughout the supply chain.

Emergency Response Services

Any company- manufacturer, distributor, freight forwarder, warehouse, terminal, 3rd-party logistics service provider (3PL) - listed as the shipper on the shipping documents for hazardous materials is subject to government regulations and may be responsible for providing an emergency contact number. Registering for CHEMTREC's emergency response information service gives you the right to use the CHEMTREC emergency phone number(s) - or any number directed to CHEMTREC's call center - on shipping documents, Safety Data Sheets, and hazard communication labels, inside your zone. 

Online Hazmat Training

If your company ships or handles hazardous materials/dangerous goods you are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation and other international agencies to obtain hazmat training. CHEMTREC can help your company stay safe and in compliance with its shipping hazardous materials training and workplace safety training courses.

Our convenient online platform allows you to start, stop, and resume your training at any time. We currently offer the following courses:

  • Hazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness
  • 49 CFR  Ground Shippers
  • 49 CFR  Ground Carriers
  • IATA – Air Shippers
  • OSHA Hazard Communication
  • Shipping Lithium Batteries and Cells

Lithium Battery Solutions

Compliance for shipping lithium batteries and cells is becoming increasingly complex. As the use of lithium batteries in devices grows across all industries, the greater the risk of safety incidents during shipment. CHEMTREC offers services to help make sure that your organization is compliant with today’s battery regulations and prepared to successfully meet future requirements, including:

  • Shipping lithium batteries
  • Test summary regulations (CRITERION®)
  • Lithium Battery training course

Incident Reporting

CHEMTREC offers communication and technical assistance for our customers through our Incident Reporting service.  Our emergency response call center team is skilled at gathering the right specifics to support a complete and consistent incident report. These reports help companies identify trends, target solutions, and reduce risk, as well as track patterns, analyze incidents, and more.  

With this service, anyone in your organization that is designated as a report recipient will receive detailed reports of all incidents reported to CHEMTREC involve you as a carrier. This service is available in different tier levels based on incident volume.  

Crisis Management

By its very nature, a crisis is often complex and unpredictable, making it incredibly difficult for organizations if they don’t have adequate arrangements in place. We partner with you to minimize the impact of an incident affecting your organization or employees by providing tools, training, and plans to increase your readiness. 

SDS Services

Having a fast and accurate hazmat emergency response plan relies heavily on your chemical material safety data sheets (MSDS/SDS). Knowing where the right SDS files are and being able to find them quickly could save your company precious time and money. CHEMTREC has made it easier than ever to access this information at a moment’s notice. CHEMTREC’s SDS Direct service gives your employees custom, organized access to your organization’s SDS, anytime and anywhere.

CHEMTREC provides a variety of solutions designed to assist manufacturers and distributors in shipping dangerous goods while complying with complex domestic and international regulations. Discover which CHEMTREC resources and tools can best support your organization’s hazmat shipping needs and fill out our form below to request a quote.

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