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Global Relationships
American Chemistry Council

Global Relationships

CHEMTREC has established, long-standing relationships with several emergency centers around the world as well as cooperative relationships with international chemical industry associations. These relationships help CHEMTREC gather and share needed information in cases where an incident involves an international shipment.  

CHEMTREC works with international associations to encourage other countries to establish CHEMTREC-like centers where none exist. In recent years, CHEMTREC has sent representatives to Colombia, China, Hungary, Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand to educate shippers. CHEMTREC has hosted delegations from Singapore, Japan, Argentina, Venezuela, and other countries. 

In February 2006, CHEMTREC hosted a special event that was the first of its kind, the CHEMTREC International Emergency Response Summit, conceived to explore the challenges of responding to a chemical incident in the global arena, as well as identifying ways to address those challenges. The summit addressed three main regions:

  • Asia, with a particular focus on China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
  • Central and South America, with a particular focus on Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.
  • Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to educating shippers around the world, CHEMTREC recently signed a memorandum of agreement for mutual assistance with organizations in Chile, Colombia and Argentina to augment global support at the local level. CHEMTREC has a comparable agreement with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency and is exploring opportunities for similar partnerships around the world. CHEMTREC's goal is to develop working relationships that reflect the type of seamless interactions that frequently take place today between CHEMTREC and the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre (CANUTEC).

As the global economy becomes more commonplace and new participants enter the market, CHEMTREC is continuing to build new relationships with international manufacturers, shippers and emergency response organizations, as well as offering expanded services for customers who ship globally.