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CHEMTREC is a proud sponsor of TRANSCAER®
(TRANSportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response)


TRANSCAER is a voluntary USA outreach effort that helps communities prepare for, and respond to, possible hazardous materials transportation incidents. TRANSCAER members include volunteer representatives from government agencies and from the chemical manufacturing, transportation, distributor, and emergency response industries.

Resources include:

  • Planning Assistance to help local communities better understand and plan for hazmat transportation emergencies
  • Training, both classroom and hands-on 
  • Drills and Exercises to improve response and handling of actual hazmat emergencies
  • Whistle Stop Tours that offer hazmat safety training to communities along rail corridors
  • Reference and Training Materials about chemicals and transportation equipment for both training and actual emergency response
  • National Conferences and Workshops including best practices, new programs and resources, and networking
  • State Coordinators to help local responders connect with chemical and hazardous materials carriers and shippers

For more information on TRANSCAER in the communities, contact Erica Bernstein, Director of Outreach, at or 703-741-5524.

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