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What is CHEMTREC's Role?

Registration with CHEMTREC helps to enable shippers of hazardous materials to comply with government regulations, such as the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Regulation 49 CFR § 172.604.  49 CFR § 172.604 requires shippers of hazardous materials and dangerous goods to provide a 24-hour emergency telephone number on shipping documents for use in the event of an emergency involving hazardous materials.

When do the U.S. Hazardous Materials Regulations apply?

It is the shipper’s responsibility to determine whether the product being shipped is subject to the United States Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) or the regulations of any other country. The Hazardous Materials Table contained in the HMR (49 CFR § 172.101) is a listing of proper shipping names. If the product to be shipped is identified in the table, then it is usually regulated by the HMR. If the product is not listed in the Hazardous Materials Table, it is incumbent upon the shipper to determine if the product meets one of DOT’s hazard classes (49 CFR §173.2) and is therefore subject to the regulations. 

Regulatory Compliance

On a daily basis, CHEMTREC receives numerous calls from federal and state inspectors, as well as many responsible inter-modal carriers, seeking to verify that a shipper showing the CHEMTREC phone number has been authorized by CHEMTREC to do so. Regrettably, whether as a result of ignorance or sometimes through willful disregard for due process and compliance, some shippers fail to secure such an authorization from CHEMTREC. Not only is this a violation of U.S. federal regulation 49 CFR § 172.604 but also, more importantly, the resulting confusion presents the opportunity for delaying or limiting the assistance CHEMTREC can provide to the on-scene emergency response personnel mitigating an incident. It is only through the CHEMTREC registration process that a shipper can provide the essential emergency contact information and technical descriptions (such as SDS) that enable CHEMTREC to immediately arm the on-scene personnel with vital and time-critical assistance. 

Therefore, CHEMTREC is diligent in working with the enforcement and carrier community in discouraging such irresponsible disregard for regulatory compliance and product stewardship. 

CHEMTREC encourages members of the regulatory enforcement community to contact its customer service department to verify the legitimate authorization of any shippers showing the CHEMTREC phone number on shipping documents.