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Registration Contacts Guide
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Registration Contacts Guide

You should be prepared to provide the following information during the registration process:

Primary Contact: CHEMTREC requires one point of contact for handling administrative matters including updating and maintaining your company's information with CHEMTREC. The Primary Contact should be well-versed in CHEMTREC's services.

Billing Contact: CHEMTREC requires one point of contact for handling billing matters, including the payment of invoices. This person may be the same as the Primary Contact. During the registration process, you may designate a separate billing address, if desired.

Emergency Contacts: CHEMTREC strongly recommends at least three contacts for notification/information purposes in the event of an incident involving your company's product(s)/shipment(s). Emergency Contacts must be knowledgeable in the product(s) your company ships.

There are four possible designations for Emergency Contacts:

  • Individual (a specific person from your company);
  • Facility (a number connecting into your organization; e.g. a crisis center, rather than a particular individual);
  • Security (a 24-hour staffed security office/desk - not pager/answering service); or
  • Medical (reserved for an organization with which you have a special service agreement for providing medical assistance on your company's behalf - not a local 911 service).

Emergency Contacts must be identified by "availability type": 24-hour, DWH (during work hours), or AWH (after work hours). If a contact is not located in a USA/Canada time zone, we strongly suggest that the contact’s local time zone be noted in the “Comments” section provided on the Emergency Contact registration tab.

You may provide up to 6 phone numbers per Emergency Contact. Please make sure you correctly identify the phone description using the appropriate option from the pull-down menu for each phone number. Phone descriptions are:

  • DWH (During Work Hours)
  • AWH (After Work Hours)
  • 24-Hour Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Pager

Incident Report Contact: Incident reports, journaling the details of each incident, are provided to designated individuals as part of the CHEMTREC service.

SDS Contact: Your organization is obligated to provide CHEMTREC with (or access to) Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the hazardous materials your company ships and to maintain the currency of those documents. The SDS contact is the person responsible for the submission and updating of your company’s SDS. This person may be the same as the Primary Contact.

RMPDC Reports Contact: Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center (RMPDC) is CHEMTREC’s contracted medical service for access to medical professional and toxicologists who can provide medical information during incidents involving hazardous materials.

CHEMTREC will assign your Primary Contact as the RMPDC Reports contact person. This person will be the only person who will be able to log into RMPDC’s secure Case Data Information Network (CADIN) to receive RMPDC reports. If you would like to designate an alternate or additional RMPDC Report contact, sign in to the CHEMTREC customer portal to make the change.

Some companies prefer to make arrangements for their own medical personnel to be contacted by CHEMTREC. Please provide a medical emergency contact number only if (1) you prefer that CHEMTREC call your internal medical staff directly for medical treatment information, or (2) you have made any arrangements with a local or regional Poison Control Center to handle medical emergencies involving your products. Please do not provide the number to your local hospital or 911 Center.

Affiliate Registrations (Optional): Registrants may choose to register the names of companies affiliated to itself or its products in the chain of commerce for coverage under its registration. There is an annual registration fee for each Affiliate. Please review the What Defines an Affiliate page before registering affiliates.